Modern hunting equipment you should try out

Okay, so we’ve done our research on the best hunting grounds, the types of hunting, hunting techniques and what season to hunt, among other things. However, without the proper hunting gear, all that will just go to waste. What are the modern hunting gear we should definitely take for a spin?


Hunting footwear and clothes


Today’s hunters can explore a whole new world of opportunities thanks to the wide availability of modern cold weather apparel and gear, unlike the hunters in the old days who would have stayed home instead to ensure their safety. When it’s cold, we will want a camouflage head net that covers our facial skin completely while leaving our entire head camouflaged. Some comfortable camouflage gloves will not only hinder us from using our hands fully but can also protect our hands from the elements.


The base layer hunting shirt we use should be made of either lightweight polyester or wool. Camo is considered overrated by some hunters, so they opt to use a camo shirt and mask only when stalking an animal. Quiet clothing is important if we are to proceed with stealth on our side, especially when bowhunting.


We should wear comfortable, water- and weather-resistant hunting boots. If we have a good pair of hunting boots on, we won’t even need an extra pair of socks.we should steer clear of cheap boots that can give us toe blisters and twisted ankles. Insulation is a principal element when choosing hunting boots. The proper insulation level for our comfort pretty much depends on our intended activity and our personal internal thermostat. If we intend to do plenty of moving about, less insulation is needed but if we are going to be sitting in a tree stand for prolonged periods in the cold, we want insulation to be as thick as possible.


Equipment to give us a vantage point


Modern portable hunting tree stands have revolutionized the way hunters can observe their prey for an extended amount of time while staying at an advantageous, elevated height up in the trees. Treestands for hunting can be of various styles from hang-on treestands to climbing tree stands tp ladder stands and tripods. A good quality treestand comes with a safety harness, and four-point safety harnesses are the best form of restraint for this type of equipment.


Today’s scopes are fantastic. They utilize high quality optics that offer incredible depth or field, clarity and range. Another classic standard hunting tool is a pair of binoculars. With those two pieces of gear, we can easily spot our target even if it’s a full football field away or even if we are high above the ground on a tree stand surveying the terrain from afar. A nicely located trail camera eliminates the guesswork. We want the camera’s picture quality to be great in color, contrast, resolution and clarity. A hunting blind not only conceals a hunter from the ears and eyes of game animals but also allows us to move freely while hidden inside.

Hunting weapons that help us bring home the trophy


Premium quality modern bows can have either a long or short axle-to-axle (ATA) length. Hunting from a treestand or ground blind will need a shorter ATA, but a longer ATA makes it easier to hold the hunting bow steady vertically. Arrow speeds are increased with a shorter brace height while a longer brace height ensures that the arrow is in contact with the string for fewer noticeable errors in form and less distance. Six- to seven-inch brace heights are common. We can choose between heavy and light bows but we have to make sure the weapon is adjustable to our draw weight and height.


Sometimes, hunters can take years before they find the perfect rifle for their needs. In fact, even seasoned hunters say there’s no perfect rifle for hunting in the first place, as the choice basically depends on one’s preferences, age and shooting experience.