How to choose a camping stove


A camping stove ensures that you can enjoy a hot meal, even when you are spending a night or two outdoors. There are several types of camping stoves to choose from, and here are a few tips I learned when I was looking for my own.


Type of Fuel

One of the first things to consider is the type of fuel the camping stove uses, and there are several to choose from. Overall I recommend propane, simply because it is the easiest to use and usually the least expensive. Propane tanks are also refillable or can be exchanged for a full one, and this can be easily done at most gas stations and sporting good stores. You can choose 5, 10 or even hefty 20 gallon tanks, though most camping stoves use smaller ones so they are easy to carry.



The next aspect to consider is the size of the camping stove, and this will depend on the number of people you are trying to feed. If it is a solo trip then a one burner model will work great for you, and you might even want to consider a backpacking stove. These one burner stoves are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use, and extremely convenient to carry on long hikes to the campsite.

Most camping stoves come with two burners, which is usually enough for you to feed up to 7 people at a time. If your group is larger than you will probably want to choose a model that comes with three burners. This will help ensure that everyone gets to eat at the same time, which can definitely make the camping trip a more pleasant experience for everyone. It is important to remember that the size of the camping stove will affect its price, along with how easy and convenient it is to carry with the rest of your gear.



All camping stoves are capable of boiling, but some can also simmer. Just because you are camping it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy some variety in your dinner. Some top rated camping stoves can actually perform almost as well as your large appliance back home, but this will also affect the price. Wind resistance is another convenient feature to look for, and it can make the difference between a hot and cold meal depending on the weather.