Bow hunting turkeys – my favorite way to spend time


Turkey season is almost here, which means it is time for me to get out my bow. In case you haven’t guessed I am an avid bow hunter, and my favorite time of year is turkey season. I guess I fall into the group of hunters that is simply “nuts” about chasing large birds. I love the cool weather, turkey season is in the early spring where I live, and I thrive on the challenge these birds present when you are trying to take one down with a bow and arrow.


Contrary to popular belief turkeys are not “dumb birds”. They are remarkably intelligent, especially when they know that they are being stalked by a hunter. Regardless of their large size turkeys are rather adept at hiding in the brush, and trust me when I say that these birds can move when they are startled. To be a successful turkey hunter you have to be quiet, able to sit still for long periods of time, and most importantly you must be able to aim and shoot your bow accurately. Trust me when I say that if your shot is not on point, the chances of finding the wounded bird is pretty slim. This is because a wounded turkey simply does not leave a lot of blood behind, so there really isn’t much of a trail for you to follow.


Using a bow to hunt turkeys takes skill and patience, which is why this is one of my favorite ways to spend time. The difficulty of making a killing shot with a bow only adds to your feeling of accomplishment when you bring one of these large birds down. I guess you could say that I love a challenge.


There is also something special about the camaraderie that exists between bow hunters. We are a unique group of hunters. We thrive on challenges, and this means giving our prey a chance to get away. You don’t seem to get the same feeling when you are hunting turkeys with a rifle. This brings me to the other reason I prefer to use a bow, I never have to spend time picking out buckshot. All I have to do is slide my arrow out.


So in a few weeks I will be out hiding in the brush with my bow waiting for a turkey to come by. Wish me luck, and if you enjoy a challenge I highly recommend you give bowhunting turkeys a try this season.